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Alex Strzemilowski



As an art lover and creator, I am dedicated to creating new and innovative work in multiple mediums. I am always looking for new and unique ways to create and collaborate, and can't wait to see what the future holds.

Film/Theatre Actor 

About Alex

Alex Strzemilowski is a theatre and film actor with a passion for the arts. Originally from Boston, MA, Alex has performed in both professional and community theatre productions. He has appeared in several productions in his time at Baldwin Wallace University in Cleveland OH, originally exploring and performing Shakespeare and other classic works. Some credits including Twelfth Night as Antonio, and Julius Caesar as Marc Antony.

 In addition to his theatre work, Alex has also been seen on and off the Camera. Alex has loved geting to act in several independent films as well as  behind the scenes with filmmakers to produce new, high-quality work. Alex has also gotten to explore projects on radio with Clevelands "Radio on the Lake Theatre", doing V.O on multiple radio dramas as a part of their CreakerBox Radio Series.

Currently, Alex is in post-production for the independent film Swipe Right, which was produced by Burn to Shine Productions. Alex is known for his talent, dedication, hard work and love for art that extends from the stage to the screen .

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